two roads

Find out what you really want from your career and carve out ways to get there!

At that crossroads, a Career Coach can help you connect with the career you always wanted and support you in making it happen for you in your life.  Working in career coaching for more than 10 years, Anne Marie will help you identify where you would like to go and how to get there, so that you are fulfilled in your career.  Areas that clients who come for career coaching have found of value include:

  • Life Planning (including values, whole life review and development of a Life Plan)
  • Career Success Criteria Identification
  • Career Development Planning
  • How to have conversations at work to promote career growth and development (for managers and for individuals)
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resumé review and development
  • USP (unique selling points) development and practice
  • LinkedIn and on-line profiling
  • Preparing for Interviews, Pitches and Presentations

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Make contact for an initial needs assessment with Anne Marie and take a step forward towards the career you have always wanted.