THE LITTLE BOOK OF SOUND (nothing to do with sounds that we hear, read on…)

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Sound advice to help us cope with everytday life, turning negative thinking into positives, written in a particularly Irishy sort of way, but you’ll get it no matter what nationality you are.  It’s a small neat little book that fits nicely in your pocket, lap top case, bag!  Lovely.

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Oprah, she inspires me, and always has done.  I relate to her vision, her questioning, her intention to bring the positive energy of goodness to the whole world.  In this amazing interview with Jeff Weiner, Oprah shares with us how we can live our lives on purpose by discovering what we truly want and funnelling  our energy towards that for ourselves and for others.

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the Pope

Pope Francis truly inspires, whether you believe in God or not, he is a humble, positive force in the world, for good and for real.  Discover for yourself what he thinks here in this inspirational Ted Talk.   The Pope makes us think about our role in the universe, how caring for each other and our planet are essential to our own well being and will move us forward as people, both individually and interconnectedly accross the globe.  Find out what your own values and beliefs are, how you are connected to the world and what you can do to make that connection real: you can do this with a Coach.  Contact Anne Marie today for a confidential discussion on how to discover your own values and to live your personal brand.